Whole Onions

Whole, dry onions can last for months, if stored properly, without compromising their taste or nutritional value.

Store whole onions in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area to maximize their storage life.

Do not allow your onions to have direct exposure to sunlight.

Keep onions away from areas that hold moisture, such as under a sink.

Potatoes will rob onions of moisture if stored together, so keep them separate.

Storing Cut Onions

When you only need a small amount of onion, do not peel the whole onion. Cut off the amount you need and peel just that piece. The remaining portion will keep longer with the skin on.

If cutting onions ahead of time, pack them in a plastic zipper-lock bag, squeezing as much of the air out as possible before storing in the refrigerator.

For best results, use pre-cut onions with two days.

Chopped onions can be placed in freezer bags or sealed containers and frozen, but their texture changes so only use them for cooking.


"How to Pick the perfect Onion", it's something we are asked all the time. For a healthy, fresh onion with longer storage life follow these simple rules:

Yellow Onions

When looking for the best yellow onions to buy, choose those that feel firm and heavy for their size. Overall the onion should have a warm copper-like color with a dry skin that shows no signs of bruising spotting or dampness. Avoid yellow onions that look green as, unlike bananas, they do no ripen.

Red Onions

Look for red onions that have a solid feel to them and have a gorgeous dark, purple-red outer skin. The neck should be tightly closed and the outer skin should have a dry, crackly feel and an overall shiny appearance. It is harder to see bruising on a red onion, so look carefully.

Sweet Onions

There are many varieties of sweet onions sold across the U.S. but unfortunately not all onions sold as "Sweet" truly are. Our Dutchboy Sweets area true sweet onion.

When looking for perfect sweet onions choose those that have a very light, golden-brown color. Unlike yellow onions, sweet onions should have a tissue-thin, shiny skin and firm, tight, dry necks. Yellow onions in comparison will appear darker and have a thicker skin. Avoid onions that have soft spots of surface bruises.