We value our customers' health and welfare and for that reason we continue to develop and practice the cleanest and safest methods for storing, packaging, and shipping onions and fruits. We have been GAP certified since 2010.

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)


Detailed records for all fertilizer applications are kept and all fertilizers surpass regulated standards.


All U.S. EPA guidelines as well as all pesticide application guidelines set by law, are strictly followed.


Tested regularly to meet strict state Water Resources Control Board standards, our deep well water has always remained pure, uncontaminated and pollutant-free.

Drivers & Field Workers

All employees in contact with our onions and fruit are required to follow rigorous guide lines in the fields and packhouse.

Field Equipment

All field equipment is cleaned and sanitized each day; food-safe lubricants are used on all loading equipment.

Our latest GAPs Certification

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One of the biggest changes we have made to our operation was to ensure that we could track every onion or apple from field to fork. With the help of well trained employees and advances in software, bar code readers and printer technology we can take an onion or apple that you buy at a store and tell you exactly what field it came from and what was done throughout the entire growing season.


There is now wide-spread awareness throughout the United States about how the foods we eat directly impact out overall health and welfare. When it comes to produce, consumers are trusting growers and retailers to provide healthy, nutritious vegetables that are grown using certifiably clean and safe practices - practices now widely used in the U.S., but not so widely used abroad. That's why we readily embrace Country of Origin (COO) initiatives.

K.S. Datthyn Farms wants you to know that every one of our onions and apples is now, and will always be, grown in the U.S. using the most up-to-date, safe and clean farming and packaging practices. We abide by all COO regulations. We keep accurate records of origin and production and we provide all required information so our customers can in turn comply with their County of Origin Labeling (COOL) requirements.

Your health and welfare, as a person and a business, is as important to us as your customers' health and welfare is to you. Country-of-Origin regulations provide you and your customers with peace of mind and the ability to make healthier, educated choices. Buy K.S. Datthyn Farms fruit and produce and be sure that you're getting only the best.